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 [정규직-1명채용]  생보사 캠페인매니저(경력직)
~ 2009-06-14
   사업자구분 법인사업자    사 원 수
   회 사 규 모 중기업 (100~999명)    회 사 분 류 외국계기업
   업        종 보험업    자 본 금
   사 업 내 용 생명보험업    상 장 여 부 비상장
   본 사 위 치 서울시 중구
   담당업무 마케팅 프로그램 기획, 실행
   직종분류 [금융]  영업/CS
   고용형태 정규직 (상시채용)
   모집인원 1 명
   채용직급 협의
   급여조건 면접후 결정
경력 학력 우대전공계열 나이 성별
5년 대졸 [무관] - 무관
■ 고객사정보

- 외국계 메이저 생명보험사

■ 포지션정보 : 캠페인 매니저(Campaign Manager)

- 포지션정보
  * To manage many stages of communications for targeted customer with all the related parties for the purpose of making campaign effectively implemented.

- 주요업무
  * Managing the day to day operational relationship with parties to ensure that data feeds, creative and sales approach are executed on time and in budget.
  * Ensure that the targeting of customer communications benefit from the highest levels of data hygiene and accuracy of targeting.
  * Ensuring a high quality of decision making around the compromises necessary in order to execute selections to tight schedules whilst still ensuring a low incidence of selection errors.
  * Detailing errors made in campaign execution and the fixes/quality solutions to be implemented to ensure that they do not happen again.
  * Planned and actual timings for key events in the execution process.
  * Ensure that targeted customer communication systems are maintained and developed to support Cigna’s current and developing requirements for customer communications.
  * Ensure that all Cigna’s customer contact point systems are properly designed and supported for specific program.

- 지원자격
  * Experience of the operation of large and complex databases/communications systems.
  * Experience in a direct marketing/database marketing/customer relationship marketing environment.
  * Understanding of how the business risks inherent in the management of data to support targeted customer communications can be minimized.
  * Project management experience preferred.
  * Minimum experiences of 4~5 years in implementing marketing programs
  * Familiar to the process of sales, service and profit analysis
  * Good at numeric analysis of performance and strategic analysis of incremental performance

■ 제출서류

- 이력 및 경력기술서, 자기소개서 (필히 지원분야 기재 요망)
   복리후생 휴무·휴가: 주5일근무,
보상제도: 고정급, 성과급, 퇴직금,
법정보험: 4대보험(국민연금,의료,산재,고용),
   근무지역 서울시 중구 

   접수기간 ~ 2009-06-14

   e - 메일 recruit@searchkorea.co.kr
   연 락 처 02-3474-9154    팩 스 02-521-9260

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