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Following is job opening for English teacher

1. Working Condition

1) Employer:? Seoul District Office of Education

2) Teaching location: Seoul

3) Students: Children(Elementary/Middle/High School), Adults

4) Salary: 2.0million~2.4 million Won/month(depending on working hour),

Negotiable based on qualification

5) Overpay:? Overtime Working Charge, Extra Duty Pay

6) Working hour: 5 days(Mon~Fri), 20~30 hours/week(including Extra work)

7) Pay Vacation: 21 days

8) Class members: 10~15peaple/class

9) Health insurance: 50% paid

10) Discharge payment: additional 1 month salary payment after finishing 1 year contract.

11) Airway ticket:? round trip ticket provided

12) Housing: Provided or Housing assistance 0.5million Won

2. Starting date :? 1 September 2009

3. Qualification:

1) Nationality : USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland

2) Bachelor degree

3) Preferred TESOL/TEFL certificate holder

4) No Criminal Record


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