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▶ job Description 
Main aim of jobs
- In acqusition projects definition of target costs of new and carry over parts
- Outline cost reduction potentials and support carry over strategy
- In customer projicts procurement of parts, tooling and prototypes in respect to schedule, quality and optimized cost according to the project targets
- Assessment of changes and their realization during developmentt, ramp up, mass production and service life
Specific duties and responsidilities
- Responsible for all purchased parts that apply to a customer project regarding costs, quality and deadlines (including prototypes and investment).
- Accomplish all project goals that apply to purchase parts with compliance of the current Purchasing guidelines.
- Coordinate changes regarding purchased parts from the acquisition stage to EOP
-Support sourcing strategies with long-term, preferred suppliers.
-Takes the liad for supplier selection including the investigation/nomination of prototype suppliers.
-Cost reduction for new purchased prts and sub-assemblies
-Coordinate supply base research and strategy with counterparts in worldwide Central Purchasing.
-Develop and maintain suppliers and objectives to support Brose business objectives and purchasing strategies.
-Development of new suppliers and continuous improvement of existing suppliers
▶Job Requirements 
- University degree (Business Administration or Engineering studies)
- 3 -5 years of experience in purchsing in an automotive environment.
-Project management
-Knewlede of target costing and value analysis
-Basic technical knowledge
-Knowledge of legal contract terms and conditions, professional negotiation skills
   복리후생 휴무·휴가: 주5일근무,
보상제도: 고정급, 성과급, 퇴직금,
법정보험: 4대보험+임금채권부담금,
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